Ranveer Singh nude photoshoot, ‘You Can See His Bum!’: An FIR was filed against Ranveer Singh by a lawyer

Ranveer Singh nude poses for a photoshoot, and the internet felt transformed. The topic has been the most discussed in the past few days, while other events continue to occur. An interview, accompanied by a photoshoot that was very Ranveer-like, was his expression of who he is. There were a lot of people who found it bold and dapper, memes or no memes. In the end, an FIR was filed.

Ranveer Singh nude photoshoot
Ranveer singh nude photoshoot

In a complaint submitted to an NGO, a lawyer stated that the actor had insulted the modesty of women through his photographs. Vedika Chaubey, a Mumbai-based lawyer, shared her reasons for wanting to prosecute the actor in an interview with NDTV. Even her children have access to it because they use gadgets to take online classes. I don’t think this should be posted for public viewing. It must be subject to some restrictions. Afterwards, the lawyer was asked about how the photoshoot ‘hurt women’s sentiments’.

Ranveer Singh nude photoshoot
Vedica Chaubey in news debate on Ranveer Singh’s nude photoshoot

According to Vedika Chaubey, the photos showed him nude, with his entire body exposed, including the “bum”. Similarly, she noted that social media and the internet should not be used for posting offensive content. The NDTV presenter correctly pointed out that this was a decision and that not all women are offended, contrary to what the lawyer said. Given how a picture shoot descended into a public debate, the presenter couldn’t help but laugh when Vedika Chaubey referred to it as a “national issue.”

Ranveer Singh nude photoshoot
Ranveer Singh nude pic

A non-governmental organisation (NGO) representative from the east Mumbai suburbs filed the complaint application at the Chembur police station.

According to the official, the complaint said that the actor’s photos had offended women’s feelings and their modesty. The complainant asked for the Information Technology Act and numerous Indian Penal Code sections to be used to file a case against the actor. An image containing a derogatory message for Ranveer Singh has apparently been making the rounds on social media, according to a Reddit post. In addition, the internet has exposed the hypocrisy in how people have reacted to a guy taking nude images and how women should be allowed to wear bikinis.

Ranveer Singh nude photoshoot
Comparison between girl and boy nude shoot

This is not a criticism of the photoshoot or of Ranveer, but rather of how the media and the internet have promoted sexism in their reactions. The whole Bollywood cast, including Ranveer Singh’s wife Deepika Padukone, praised him for being brave when discussing his naked photo session. The actor goes nude, but the internet didn’t find it appealing, and since then there has been a lot of debate surrounding it. A lawsuit has reportedly been filed against the actor for allegedly insulting a woman’s modesty with this “so-called offensive” photo shoot. We wonder if the actor was aware of the controversy that his naked photograph would cause. In terms of work, Ranveer Singh and Alia Bhatt recently finished Rocky Aur Rani. He will shortly begin filming for Rohit Shetty’s upcoming movie Cirkus.

Earlier, actress Mimi Chakraborty commented on Ranveer’s photos and questioned what the response would have been if a female actor had participated in the photo shoot instead of Ranveer. Tweeted by her:

Ranveer Singh nude photoshoot
Tweet reply

Conservatives have criticised Singh because they don’t like his maximalism and assurance. He was involved in a public obscenity FIR that was brought against the YouTube group AIB in 2015 for their roasting competition, AIB Knockout.

In 90’s some other stars as well done the semi nude photoshoot like Govinda , Chunky Pandey , Shahrukh Khan and Suniel Shetty but those were not as vulgar as Ranveer Singh nude photoshoot.

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