“Bollywood Movies” Untold Truth of 2020

In this blog, you will get to know the unknown facts about Bollywood movies like how bad or good it is and after knowing the facts, your perception will be changed completely about this industry. Also in this blog, you will get to know every single piece of information about Bollywood Movies. For example; how much time a Movie takes to be completed or what incidents happened during the shooting .. etc. You will get to know the gossips and pranks during the making of the shooting. In India people are dying to work in Bollywood Movies doesn’t matter it’s an adult movie

Firstly, we will talk about India’s first movie, named ” Raja Harishchandra “. This is the first silent movie of India which was directed by the father figure of Indian cinema “Dhundiraj Govind Phalke”, he is also known as ” Dadasaheb Phalke “. At the time when ” Dadasaheb Phalke ” was watching the movie ” The Life of Christ” by Ferdinand Zecca, that was the first time when the idea hit in his mind of making this movie. After then he went to London on 1st February 1912 to learn filmmaking. There he met a guy ” Mr. Kepburn ” and by profession, he was an editor so Phalke told him that why he came to London. Kepburn told him that in India people will not accept this filmmaking as a carrier but the dedication of Phalke convinced him.

The Father of Cinema Late Shri DADASAHEB PHALKE JI

Kepburn introduced Phalke to a man named Cecil ” Hepworth “, he was the British director, producer, and screenwriter and he is the owner of ” Walton Studios “. Hepworth helped Phalke in learning film making with live examples and situations. After some time Kepburn and Hepworth told him to buy a camera so the first time he bought William’s son’s camera and worth of camera that time was fifty pounds and ordered for Kodak Raw film camera. There he learned filmmaking with Hepworth so deeply so that he can clear his all doubts. He was in London for two weeks so he learned everything so fast just because for less time. He came back to India on 1st April 1912 and on that day he founded ” Phalke Films Company “.

Now the second step was, after coming back to India from London, to find the place for shooting. After some days Phalke’s family moved to Dadar and there he made a small glass room in his residence compound and did all the arrangements for shooting and also made the darkroom for washing the pictures. He bought some filmmaking equipment in Bombay in May 1912 and it took around four days to set up those pieces of equipment with the help of a sketch which was given by Hepworth in London. Now the time has come for the test of making the film and also to check that equipment is working properly or not and for that, he made a short film named ” Ankurachi Wadh “.

After the positive feedback and success of that short film, Phalke decided to make a movie based on ” Harishchandra “. Now he was looking for people who can act or work with him so he gave an advertisement in newspapers named ” Induprakash “. For the movie, Phalke needed the female actors as well but not even a single female came to act so he decided that male actors can perform the female role. Phalke’s family also contributed to that film so his elder son ” Bhalchandra ” did the role of ” Rohitashva “. So many people came to him to do several kinds of roles like “Dattatraya Damodar Dabke” did the lead role of King ” Harishchandra ” and ” Anna Salunke ” did a role of “Queen Taramati”.

Everything has gone well in the making of that movie and that’s why everyone was so excited and with less equipment and technology movie took 6 months and 27 days to complete. So the ” Raja Harishchandra ” movie based on legends hit the success that time and due to the success, Phalke’s dedication and positive attitude increased so much. Then he decided to make another movie and found their carrier in film making. Phalke becomes so popular and idol for everyone, that time government printed a stamp by the name of ” DADASAHEB PHALKE “. After this, it came to be known as Bollywood.

Stamp made by Government for DADASAHEB

Now we will talk about the release of movies, Earlier there was only way to release the movie was theaters. But now the time has changed and some OTT platforms stepped in like Amazon, Netflix, ZEE, MX player, and many more. It is completely the director’s or producer’s decision to release the movie on the OTT platform or in Theaters. Before that, the writer of the movie writes the script on the bases of how and where he wants to release and according to that, writer starts writing the script in episodes.

Whether it is a film or a web series the way of promoting is almost the same and if it is a web series then three people decide that how they want to promote. First is the director, then the producer, and the last but not the least the platform where they want to release. For example, they want to release the movie on Amazon prime then Amazon will be the third person who decides the way of promotion.

The first Indian web series which was released on Netflix was Sacred Games. Sacred Games is truly based on the reality of the current Indian society. This series have all the content that has been censored by the film board in recent years.

Sacred Games

Breathe was a web series made on social issues and awareness and the first web series on terms of social content but sacred games are the first Indian web series to be produced by Netflix. Inside Edge was Amazon Prime’s First Indian Original Web Series. Although web series is lengthy then Bollywood Movies and it takes more hard work in comparison to movies and web series. Every actor and actress has to prepare themself for his or her role whether it’s a movie or OTT platform. The shooting of web series is a very time taken process because they have so many episodes and they have to take care of each aspect.

First we will talk about Sacred games so it has two seasons and after releasing the first season people were desperately waiting for the second one because they ended the season on suspense and people liked the first one very much but the moment when the second was released and people watched then the reviews was not so good and expectation of viewers did not meet because people were expecting very much from Nawazuddin’s character but it shows that Nawaz has become the puppet and doing the business under a threat giving by a lady and due to this the terror of Nawaz became nothing and in end he kills himself so this is was the main reason why the rating of sacred games season 2 not gone too high.

Ganesh Gaitonde and KUKU

Although if we talk about every character’s acting, that was phenomenal and the most praised characters were Nawazuddin as Ganesh Gaitonde and Pankaj Tripathi as Khanna Guruji. Nawaz took 2 weeks to prepare for this role although he had already done the mafia role in Gangs of Wasseypur. In this web series Nawaz is a different type of mafia and way of speaking and abusing was also different so to catch the character he took two weeks.

About Pankaj Tripathi he caught the character in near about more than two weeks because for that character he saw some fake baba’s videos. That how they convince people to do a bad thing in a good way and how to spoil the country. After seeing so many videos showed to the director that this is what I have prepared. When the director watch his preparation he was completely shocked because he prepared for his role tremendously. Then the director said ” Proud of you ” to be a part of this series.

Ganesh Gaitonde

Now we will talk bout the Most Awaited web series on Amazon is “Mirzapur”. The first season of Mirzapur was outstanding and every character praised a lot by viewers. Even people don’t want to take their real names and people comment on every social site by their character names. This is the biggest compliment for every actor or actress. Mirzapur is based on Uttar Pradesh and Purvanchal crime. Story of two don’s of different cities want to kill each other and rule. Political parties are supporting both of them.

The character of ” Guddu Bhayia ” loved by everyone especially youth because according to the story he always wants to rich and powerful. That’s what today’s youth want and one more aspect we can see that Guddu want to become Mr. Purvanchal and get rewarded by Kaleen bhayia. For this role and making the body like bodybuilder he ate 50 eggs per day in real life. At the end when he showed his body it clearly looks like a bodybuilder.

Guddu and his younger Bablu met Pankaj Tripathi as ” Kaleen Bhayia ” accidentally and then their life becomes so messy luxurious because they joined Kaleen bhayia’s gang. They both killed so many people and also gave a huge profit in the business to Kaleen Bhayia. But Kaleen bhayia’s son ” Munna bhayia ” didn’t like both of them.

Guddu Bhayia Preparing for Mr. Purvanchal

This is a little bit of a summary of season 1 and the makers recently announced the date of season two which is coming on the 23rd of October. Recently, the second season is released and as per the public views, I must say that expectations did not meet although at the time of releasing the trailer the views were 18 million and people were desperately waiting for season 2 but it is not that much good. The rating of season 1 is 9.5 out of 10 and this rating is very tremendous and till now season 2 rating is 8.4 out of 10. In the end, the makers showed that Sharad ( the son of Rati Shankar Shukla ) saved Kaleen Bhayia and on the other side Munna died and Guddu overtake Kaleen Bhayia’s legacy and in this Kaleen bhayia’s wife helped him.

Season 2

Let’s talk about Pankaj Tripathi, there is the very serious role of Kaleen Bhayia in Mirzapur and almost in all movies. We saw Pankaj Tripathi in a comic role and he is best in the comic but in Mirzapur, it was very tough and challenging in playing a serious role for a comedian. At the time of shooting it happened many times that Pankaj Tripathi forgot that he is playing a serious role and started comedy. Then the writer of the movie used to come to tell Pankaj in his ear that ” Sir this is a serious role of Kaleen Bhayia ” Pankaj again started the dialogues in a serious tone.

Kaleen Bhayia

These are a few facts, stories, and untold truths about Bollywood movies and web series during the time of shooting or before shooting and after shooting. If you like this information please share this with your friends and family members and tell me how much you like this blog. Any other information related to Bollywood movies or stars, that you want to share then please comment and I’ll definitely introduce that.