10 Shocking Secrets of Biggboss

In this, I am gonna tell you the 10 Shocking secrets of BiggBoss and this show is worldwide popular so there are so many rumors and the truth about this show and I am gonna tell you every possible truth about Biggboss like, Is this scripted or not, Does Salman Khan watch this show, How much money do contestants get, Do celebrities also come by clearing interviews, The celebrities who came for promotion on weekends do they now everything that who will stay or what task they are going to perform and what to say about task and contestants. There are so many hidden truths and behind the walls how many creepy ways for in and out so I am gonna tell you in this article 10 shocking secrets of Bigg boss. Are smartphones ever given to contestants, how doctors come inside and how secret people come inside to clean the washroom, what is in the bathroom and nobody knows about that because contestant goes for one week only rest all like crew member, their camera man’s other people who work for Biggboss never gonna tell. So I am gonna tell you almost everything about Biggboss.


So First, we will talk about food so some items come in luxury and some in basic food like rice, dal, atta, tea, milk, sugar, salt fruits, vegetables, etc but some luxury items also come from outside which will not be showing to the public. There is a rumor that they are providing alcohol to contestants so let me clear you that No alcohol is provided because lumpsum 11 crore rupees makers are spending on a single episode and contestant are also performer, they are also performing so if they consume alcohol and then they will perform I don’t think so show will run smoothly but yes Smoking is allowed but only one person is allowed to smoke one time that’s because two people smoking together and having a conversation becomes hard to air on tv as smoking is restricted on Indian tv. But that’s a different thing that sometimes 2-3 contestants entered the smoking-room then Biggboss says ” Kya Kar the hai Aap sab ” and then they come out. Some contestants say to Biggboss that I don’t want you to show me while I am smoking but sometimes Biggboss publish some contestants smoking pictures. Let me tell you one more secret that is if there is a weekend ka waar then food will be given to contestants by Salman Khan.

Smoking Room Pictures


Let’s talk about washrooms, so there are 2 toilets and 2 shower areas are always there but there is another washroom which is in Captains room. There is no camera in the washroom but the walls of the washroom are hollow so if you are talking to someone in the washroom or you are doing something inappropriate then anybody can listen to you because there is always someone behind every wall and contestants also knows this.

Gautam and Diandra


Let’s talk about cameras, so there are more than 100 cameras in the house but the maximum cameras are in the bedroom because they want to capture every moment and whisper. Some camera’ is like the tabletop camera and they are using Robotic and Track cameras and some cameras are fixed in walls but there is some special feature in all camera’s is they can rotate, zoom in zoom out and the most important thing is there is one – one mapping with a handler, in simple words every camera has a unique handler because that person is specialist of that area and that’s his responsibility to capture every moment of that area. Just like every area mapping is done by a single cameraman likewise every contestant mapping is also done by a single cameraman because if the contestant is doing something then it’s the cameraman’s responsibility to inform the edit team and his responsibility too to capture every moment of that contestant.

Unique camera person for single contestant


Let’ talk about the Biggboss house, so I told you earlier washroom walls are hollowed walls so likewise, Biggboss house walls are also hollow. The set is built of hollow walls so sound passes easily, walls are not cemented. I am gonna tell you the concept of camera gully so normally you can see the mirrors in the whole house and contestants can not see anything behind the mirror but in-camera gully anybody can see any contestants. It’s normal that contestants voice can listen easily by the crew but sometimes in the night contestants can also listen to the crew’s voice who is talking in camera gully and many people shared their experience that when we were tried to talk to the crew they never replied but contestants can listen to their giggling voice because it’s not allowed to give a response. That’s the place where the cameras are positioned for taking care of every activity but some time cameras are not good enough so sometimes you need to see physically from your eyes because there are some blind spots where the camera can not reach then human eyes are the only way to see that.

Crew Entered in house and Interactiion with Contestants


Let’s talk about the Microphone batteries so the contestants wear the mic in that pouch there is a microphone and the size of microphones is like our palm and contestants have to change that microphone’s battery daily because the backup of that battery is only for one day. One of the contestants goes to the storeroom and takes the battery for everyone ask everyone to change the battery so that there is no audio problem at any given point in time and this is the captain’s responsibility. It’s very necessary to wear the microphone at any cost, only during the time of taking bath or if you are in touch with water then only you can take the mic out. I have a picture where we can see the contestants get mobile with a charger so we can say everything is happening off the camera. It’s clearly seen that charger is there and some phone is getting a charge. So take a look and comment that if that is not a charger then what it is?

Contestants with Microphone
Contestents with phone and charger


Let’s talk about the Morning song, so everybody thinks that morning song plays for 2-5 mins but let me clear you morning song plays for 10-20 mins till then everybody can wake up. Sometimes you see contestants are yawning and suddenly after few seconds they are in the washroom or in the garden area, this is because the song duration is always 10-20 mins.

Rubina Dancing in Morning

Secret #7

If reports are to be believed, the Bigg Boss contestants’ lives are not as they appear on television. Contestants are not entitled to enjoy any luxury inside the house according to the show’s rules. These laws, however, seem to be made to be violated. Since, according to unnamed sources, those contestants who can’t live without booze are permitted to drink alcohol during the show. Now we can see the link, for how can a sober person get into such heinous fights as we see in the Bigg Boss house?

I don’t think I need to remind you about the steamy relationships that have dominated all of Bigg Boss’ seasons to date. And how do we expect a couple to keep their distance from each other when they are locked inside a house. For the audience, a small amount of affection, such as a cozy embrace or a smooch, between the lovebirds inside Bigg Boss House is very common. However, what the viewer is unaware of is a significant factor. According to reports, the creators of Bigg Boss had to cut the scene where the couple pushed the boundaries of intimacy because the show was accepted as a family show

Cozy Couple

Secret #8

We have confidence in what we see through our own eyes. Isn’t that so? Many of us believe that the celebs in the house are forced to cook and clean because that is what is seen on international television. But, friends, that isn’t the case. How do we expect these actors and actresses to clean floors and prepare food while living luxurious lifestyles? 

Rare picture of working ion kitchen

Secret #9

In the building, contestants have recorded paranormal activity. They claim to have the impression that a lady is watching them from one of the house’s corners. Some celebrities have even said that the lady sat on their chests and attempted to strike.

Paranormal Activity

Secret #10

The reticent Atul Kapoor is the man behind Bigg Boss’ speech. His commanding, authoritative voice belies his modest demeanor. For obvious reasons, the TV channel would not reveal his name, but it is an open secret that Atul’s voice sends shivers down the spines of Bigg Boss contestants, just as it did in previous seasons. Atul Kapoor, who is in his mid-40s, has previously hosted a few shows, but none have earned him the cult status and, dare we say, unlimited and “invisible” amount of respect that Bigg Boss has. Bigg Boss contestants from previous seasons congregate around him, content to take selfies with him. Apart from his powerful voice, Atul is also notable for his spontaneity. He is well-known for his calm demeanor and communication abilities. Atul has to find his own way to calm down the Bigg Boss contestants’ anger and shenanigans, which he does with a lot of composure, nerve, and admirable passion. Vijay Vikram Singh is the show’s narrator. Very few people know about this shocking secret and the most unknown secret of Biggboss.

Bigg boss and The Narrator
Karishma Tanna with Bigboss ( Atul kapoor )

So the above are the 10 shocking secrets of Biggboss house and 100% truth so If you were not aware of these 10 shocking secrets of Biggboss house which I told you in the story then feel free to share it with your friends. Post your comments and don’t forget to send in your thought.